Toscani 'Vedomare' Rosso 2018

$65.00 per unit (750ml)

Costa Toscana Rosso IGP

“It has been years that I try to translate the breathtaking view that there is from the Syrah vines. The rolling hills, the colors of the fields, the sea, the islands. An ensemble of beauty that I wanted to translate into wine. The elegance, the spices, and the fruits that the Syrah conveys in this bottle makes me go back to that vineyard every time. I paint every label by hand, because every single bottle is different like the view from up there. Every single time is a unique experience, there is always a detail that I missed the time before.” Rocco Toscani

100% Syrah, stainless steel temperature-controlled fermentation, short maceration, then 12 months is Slavonian oak. R&R

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