About Us

Welcome to Rossi & Riccardo the Artisan Italian Wine Store. Our online store is the retail platform for the products that we exclusively import from Italy, as well as a range of wines that we produce ourselves.

The products sold by R&R are sourced directly from artisan producers across Italy. These producers are small growers and makers that we have forged strong bonds with over the years, and we visit them regularly to break bread and taste new (and old) wines. All wine is sourced directly from the producers, no agents or middlemen, here or in Italy.

The R&R label represents a varietal range of wines that are produced by us in conjunction with some of our key producers. The aim of these wines is to showcase a selection of Italy’s great grapes at very affordable prices. All R&R wines are the product of the same level of care and rigour that our producers afford their own wines.

All wine is shipped in refrigerated containers and is stored in our own dedicated climate-controlled warehouse.