Sparkling Sampler – Mixed 6-Pack

$205.00 $244.50 per unit (750ml)

Our Sparkling Sampler 6-pack has you covered for many moments in the festive days, weeks and even months that follow: two delicious and fun organic wines from Corvezzo that speak both of ancient tradition and modern sensibilities; a newly arrived Prosecco from the legendary Asolo producer Bele Casel, which will reshape your view on just how good Extra Dry Prosecco can be; Marchiori’s game-changing Prosecco crafted from five classic varieties, which is the most mineral Prosecco we have ever tasted; a Franciacorta Brut (Italy’s answer to Champagne) from the brilliant Ferghettina; and a Lambrusco that reflects the startling renaissance of this much maligned category (trust us, this is exciting stuff). A compelling collection, we believe, and even more so at over 20% off our regular retail price.

Each pack contains:

1 x Ferghettina Franciacorta Brut NV

1 x Marchiori Limited Edition 'Integrale' Prosecco 2015

1 x Bele Casel Prosecco Extra Dry NV

1 x Corvezzo 'Terre di Marca' Rosé Frizzante NV

1 x Corvezzo 'Terre di Marca' Prosecco NV

1 x Podere il Saliceto 'Albone' Lambrusco di Modena NV